Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Mother's Promise

A couple weeks back I wrote an article for my son’s girlfriend, my daughter, and all young ladies growing up and trying to find themselves. Well, this time I am writing for my son. My son and I are at a place in our lives right now where I think it is important that he be reminded of the things I promised him, and of how strong a Mother’s love is and always will be. When I found out I was pregnant, I made promises both to my self and to him, as I’m sure most parents, especially Mothers, do.

I was young when I had my son, but from the moment I learned he was coming I knew that he was going to change my life forever. Along with being young, I was immature. Having a good time was the most important thing in my life. I was in a downward spiral on a path to self destruction. In one moment, all that changed. Now I was going to be a mom. I realized then, that I needed him as much as he was going to need me. I promised my unborn baby that I would grow up and be strong for him. I swore that I would love him with every breath in my body and defend him against this big tough world. I swore that as long as he needed me, I would be his voice, his advocate. I would fight for him always. The love I had for him before he was even born was so strong, it was almost frightening. That love has only grown stronger over the years.

Now he is a young man on the verge of adulthood. He is at a difficult time in his life, and struggling with many obstacles. The road has been long and at times bumpy, and there is still so much more to go, but I am so grateful that I was blessed with the job of being his Mother. I couldn’t imagine a greater honor. I know he thinks he is outgrowing the need for me, and in some aspects he is, but that does nothing to lessen the fierce desire I have to protect him. I am trying to back off, but I think it is important that he know I will always be here. I understand things are changing and there are rough waters ahead. When you want me, I will be here. When you need me, I am still and will always be your advocate. I will defend you against this big tough world, when you are beaten down, and I will help pick you up and walk with you when it is to hard too do it alone. So when you are ready, talk to me. I’m just sayin’.

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