Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Puppy Love

We have a new addition to our family. His name is Oscar and he is our 9 week old Basset Hound puppy. I’m not sure what kind of crazy got in my head and convinced me that getting a puppy while I am recovering from surgery and we are still getting settled into our new home was the thing to do. But whatever it was, I’m glad it did... I think.

Don’t get me wrong, Oscar is the cutest little guy. With his big long ears and short little legs, it’s enough to make your heart melt. When he nuzzles up in your lap and falls into a deep puppy slumber, he is so adorable you just want to eat him up. Just when you think he can’t get any sweeter, he goes and chases after a ball. Watching him hop across the room on those little legs with ears a flopping, well that’s just my undoing. But all that cuteness is necessary. It’s the only thing keeping him around.

Underneath that adorable exterior is pure destruction. He gets into everything. No sock is safe in this house. Clean, dirty, still being worn... he doesn’t care. They all must be chewed. And it doesn’t stop with the socks. He eats shoes, furniture, hermit crab food. You name it, he has tried to eat it. He even tries to eat the other pets in the house. They do not like this one bit. I believe they are secretly plotting his demise. They are unaffected by his adorableness.

Fancy, the bird, seems to be his biggest hater. I have caught him twice now climbing down from his cage to bite the sleeping pup’s tail. Fancy is also my snitch. He loves to screech when he sees Oscar getting into something. Luie, our cat seems to be the least affected by him. When Oscar gets too annoying, he just gives him a bat on the snout and walks off to find a window to sit in.

It’s the two pugs that I think are most out of sorts over the puppy. They are older dogs (16 and 12) and don’t play much anymore. Of course that doesn’t deter Oscar from chasing them around the house and yard, nipping at their heels. Then they just sit there, enduring his play time looking at me like they want to take me out for bringing this disruption into their lives. They are not impressed at all.

All in all, Oscar is a good little guy. He’s feisty and rambunctious, but weren’t we all when we were young? If he makes it through the puppy phase, I know he will make a great addition to our family. If the bird doesn’t take him out first... I’m just sayin’.