Thursday, September 27, 2012

Autumn Fun

Summer is quickly coming to an end. The days are growing shorter and the nights longer. The temperatures are returning to a tolerable level, while the evenings are getting chilly. And let us not forget the obvious sign of the season change, Halloween decor in all the stores. After all, it’s never too early to get a jump on things, right? We are quickly approaching the autumn equinox. The day of the year that officially marks the start of fall.

Traditionally, our ancestors celebrated this time as the final harvest. A time to gather as a community and make preparations for the coming winter. Though this may no longer be a necessity for survival, we can still do things to honor this beautiful time of year.

Try following the examples of those who came before us and gather. Start a food drive. Did your garden provide you with more than enough? Pass it on. Invite friends over for a feast and ask everyone to bring a non perishable donation. It’s a wonderful and fulfilling way to appreciate the abundance in your life.

Get back in touch with nature. The changing seasons are beautiful. Enjoy the weather and take a hike. Pry your children away from whatever electrical device they are connected to and delight in the artistry of Mother Nature.

Adore the apple. Find an orchard and go apple picking. It’s a fun way to spend the day with your family. Bob for apples, candy them, bake them, preserve them. Delight in the deliciousness of a crisp apple you picked yourself.

Count your blessings. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and though that’s the traditional time of year to give thanks, why wait? Life is a gift and it’s too precious to just be grateful for once a year at a designated time. Take a moment to reflect on the past year. I’m sure will will think of a few things you are appreciative of.

No matter how you chose to commemorate the coming season, remember to take some time for yourself. Soon the holidays will be here, and if your life is anywhere near as hectic as mine, that’s more than enough fodder for a whole different article. I’m just sayin’.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, step right up and catch a peek of the Amazing Juggling Jennifer! Watch as she balances all the issues in the daily life of a stay at home mom. She will astonish you as she piles more and more on. Husband, kids, health, home... You name it , she’s juggling it. Just when you think she is maxed out, she will shock you with how much more she tosses into the mix, and always with a smile on her face. I tell you what folks, this little lady has more on her plate than a hungry man at an all you can eat buffet, yet she never misses a beat! How does she do it?

Yes, this is me. I am the one who takes everything on. I spend my life stretched too thin, but somehow, I always seem to manage. To most normal people I’m sure this sounds like total chaos or  complete madness. It’s probably both, but that’s my life, and that is how I like it. I know no other way to be. That is until now. If you read last week’s article written by my dear friend Jessica, then you know I have been forcibly slowed down due to medical issues. To say I have slowed down isn’t quite accurate. I have come to a dead halt. Completely. I recently underwent surgery, and though recovery is going well, for an on the go person like me, this is torture! Not only has my daily activities stopped, but as I mentioned before, we are moving. So as I sat on my behind, I watched as everyone around me worked like mad to move our household having no hand in it at all. I wasn’t allowed to lift a finger. Some might think that is bliss, but for a control freak like me who has to be actively involved in everything, it has surely been one of Dante’s levels of Hell. A crueler fate I cannot imagine.

The move is mostly completed. I must say it went well, even without my help. Though the recovery is not going as quickly as I want, it is going as it should. It’s hard, but I realise that I need to temporarily hang up my title of Amazing Juggling Jennifer. I’m not doing much of anything right now, let alone juggling daily activities. But I know that it’s only temporary. I will be back, and I’ll be better than ever. So keep your eyes open for my next performance. My comeback is sure to be a showstopper. Just sayin’.