Sunday, July 1, 2012

Independence Day

My family and I love Independance Day. What’s not to love about it? We start the day with parades, move on to a cookout with the fam, and cap it off with an evening of fireworks. A good wholesome day of fun. It is the celebration of the birth of our country. The day the Declaration of Independence, one of our nation’s most cherished symbols of liberty, was adopted. My husband and I, as well as both of our families, are very patriotic. We take great pride in our nation, and July 4th is my day to go overboard!

As I said, in this house we start off with a parade. Usually we like to find the biggest around. If we fail to find a larger one elsewhere, we always have the old standby, a pretty sizable and popular parade a few towns over that my husband’s family has been going to for years. We like it not just because of the size but also the enthusiasm of the crowd. Let’s not forget the cannons they fire and the beautiful steam calliope that marks the end as well.

After the parade is the family cookout at my mother’s house. There we enjoy good friends, good food and great conversation. There is always too much food, and we always eat way more than we should... always. But it’s a holiday, we are surrounded by our loved ones, and the sun is usually shining, so what else are we supposed to do. We eat, we celebrate, we honor our country.

When the noise from the parade is quieted and the cookout has been cleared away, there is only one part of the day’s festivities that remain, the fireworks. The pièce de résistance if you will. The parade is fun, the cookout with my family is entertaining as well, but for me, it’s the town fireworks that are my favorite. I love the music, the vendors, all of it. I love seeing all the flags and the red, white and blue everyone is wearing. I always get choked up when a hush falls over the crowd and the Pledge of Allegiance is said by all. I love my country. And a day of fun, food and family to celebrate it with, well it doesn’t get much better than that. I’m just sayin’.


  1. Keep 'em coming. I wait for this article/blog every week. It's uplifting and speaks to a time gone by when everything was so much safer, more innocent, a time when people cared about this country. When people took pride in being the 2nd most powerful nation in the world. The world where other countries gave us respect.

  2. Thank you so much. I often get accused of having "old fashion" values, but what is wrong with that. It was a better time, why not try to get some of that back?