Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The G.S.A. of 2012

Summer is here. The days are longer, people are grilling outside and the sound of tornado sirens fill the air. Swimmers and sunbathers flock to the beaches while kids are playing in sprinklers, all trying to find relief from the heat. And let’s not forget my personal favorite summer ritual, trying not to scratch mosquito bites on my already sunburned body. All this and a house full of bored kids for two whole months. Oh, the joys of summer.

My husband and I have been thinking about a weekend getaway. We want to expand our horizons to include new places and experiences. To gather new memories we can cherish forever. After all, nothing puts the fun in dysfunctional quite like a family vacation. So my dearly beloved and I are going to try to fit in a camping trip. I want to try teepee camping. He would like to go canoeing. We want to get away from all the comforts of home, during the hottest, buggiest time of the year... With the kids. Well, sound like more fun than one family should be allowed to have. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against camping and the outdoors. It’s just that we have not been camping since our eleven year old was a baby. We have no equipment and even less experience. You would be hard pressed to find a more ill-equipped family. But we still want to go. We want to look back and say, “Hey, we went there. we did that.”

I think we can make it official. I believe after seventeen years of being parents, we have finally lost our minds. I don’t know of any other reason either one of us would suggest something like this, let alone really consider it. But not only are we considering it, I am going  to make it happen. It’s been said that insanity is hereditary; you can get it from your children. Well, if we really go through with the Great Summer Adventure (or G.S.A.) of 2012, as I am referring to this event from here on out, then we are truly insane. I’m sure it will be a blast! I’m just sayin’.

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